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Congratulations Ana – Bootcamper of the Program for March, 2012!

Congratulations to Ana – from the ES location!

I have been a Body Buster member since January of 2011.  The thing I love most about the program is being pushed to my limit.  When I think I’ve got nothing left, not one more rep, not one more burpee or lunge, I do have something left, one last exercise to empty the tank. I also love how everyone is doing the same exercises but we are all challenging ourselves in different ways.

I just renewed my membership for one more year.  I cannot imagine not being a member now.  I thrive on the energy in the gym with the group I work out with.  We all push and encourage each other. Even though workdays are long and I sometimes feel tired and drained on bootcamp nights, after completing the class I always feel so much better.  I have more energy and I’m always glad I made it to class.  Because of Body Buster I am healthier in mind and body.  I have always been active and have been a member of a few gyms. I have always used exercise, either running or cycling, as my stress reliever. Bootcamp keeps me sane, zaps my negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.  I know that physically I am stronger but more importantly, bootcamp helps me deal with stress.

I remember my very first Monday clearly.  We did tons of squats and lunges.  I didn’t walk that whole first week.  Basic movements were impossible.  Thanks to Kara and Body Buster I have made huge gains.  The workouts are tough, but just the right amount of tough.  She knows how to push us and still make us believe that we can do more.  I have made the most gains with the ball.  Ball classes for me are really hard.  I mean really, who runs with an exercise ball above their heads?  WE DO!  My core is stronger and my upper body is much stronger.  Push ups were my nemesis, now I just say, “Bring ‘em on!”

So, thanks Kara and the Body Buster Team for this honour.  I am looking forward to many more programs and many more classes.

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

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Awesome Job!

Congratulations Jenny & James – Bootcampers of the Program for February, 2012!

Congratulations to Jenny and James – from the HP location!

James: What I like most about Body Buster Bootcamp over other types of exercising is the challenge. During some classes I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest and I feel I can push myself further than ever dreamed possible, and then afterward the feeling after class is amazing. The natural high and the sense of achievement can only be understood by those who have experienced it. Jenny and I often talk about this.

Over the last year I have lost over 25lbs, and I am down to a waist 36 from 40. Body Buster has also motivated me to eat healthier and think about overall health and wellness.

From all the effort and hard work I can see the result of bootcamp in many ways. It becomes part of our lifestyle; overall great feeling; better sleep; increased interest in other physical activities and helped to build my endurance.

Jenny: I like the feeling after class…..working at pure intensity and using all your muscles and pushing myself to the maximum. It makes me feel like I did a great workout.

Since starting with the program I lost 10 lbs, and I am feeling much better about myself.

I am always up for a challenge, it has helped me gain confidence, endurance and strength. For example, I love the circuit training. It allows me to go full speed and use all my force all at once with intensity. I feel healthier, stronger, and it has given me more energy in the day. Helps me get through all days and long weeks at work and as Dani says, “become feisty.”

Running is also a big part of both our lives. Both James and I run and have been running for 2 years now. Body Buster has helped us; using this as a cross training for running. It has helped us complete a half marathon in Oct 2011. We are now training for a full marathon. We love the combination of workouts, especially, interval and tabata, and of course burpees!

Furthermore, we have understood each other’s abilities and challenges and when we hit times that we feel we cannot go on we know exactly what to say to push ourselves to the next level – saying the right words at the right time or even a glance that seems to be what it takes to give that little extra push. It’s like we know what the other person is feeling and thinking. A very significant aspect of our bootcamp experience is our instructor, Dani. Dani is a very talented professional instructor, she knows how bring the balance between work and fun. But what we love the most about Dani, beyond her cute smile, is her unique ability to push us beyond our comfort zones into new territories of pain and pleasure that can only be understood by those who have experienced Body Buster Bootcamp.

As Dani words always echo in our heads, “push past the burn.”

This recognition is a great example of how Body Buster continues to motivate their clients. Thank you to Dani and the Body Buster team for this honour.

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

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Awesome Job!

Congratulations Barb! You are the Body Buster Bootcamp® 2011 Bootcamper Of The Year!

Barb has been with the Body Buster Fitness® program since August 2010! Over the course of Barb’s journey with Body Buster® not only has she increased her physical well-being, but she has also developed strong relationships with fellow class members and the Body Buster Fitness® Team!

Barb has not only increased her cardiovascular endurance and developed a passion for running; she has also pushed the boundaries of her strength training in class by progressively increasing her weights – up to her current 10 lbs! Regardless of the exercise she’s asked to perform, Barb puts everything she has into it, which is a challenge in itself!

We recognize Barb’s excellence in the Body Buster® program based on her own personal fitness achievements, but also because she is a leader within our program encouraging other members to strive for improved fitness levels!
Not only has Barb’s positive attitude and dedication towards working hard been evident in each and every class in which she participates, she is always up for a challenge!

Body Buster instructors have noticed Barb, on many occasions, taking her mind and body to its absolute limit!  We could not be more proud of the commitment to improved health and increased physical fitness shown by Barb over her time in the Body Buster Fitness® program!

Everyone in the Body Buster® Team is extremely proud and happy to announce Barb as the Body Buster Bootcamp® 2011 Bootcamper of the Year!

Congratulations Barb! We know you’ll keep up the excellent work in 2012!

  —  The Body Buster Fitness® Team

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